Sleep Well This Winter

by Lisa Coflin Heisner 03/04/2019

With Christmas behind us and winter looming ahead of us for however many months it chooses this year, you may find yourself spending more time cozying up in your bed. While this is a delightful sentiment, it might not be as pleasant as it sounds if your bed leaves you with aches and pains after what should be a restful time. 

Maybe the mattress companies know something

Winter is that time of year when mattresses tend to go on sale. If you are one of the many people who spend more of your time in bed during the winter, then maybe you can understand this. It is the time when people tend to have a chance to notice how their bed leaves them feeling and, if they don’t like it, the desire to change—pronto. 

Don’t be too hasty 

“Immediately” sounds like a good idea when you wake up with a crick in your neck and a rock in your back. But, it’s good to slow down a little to make sure that this will be a decision that you will be able to enjoy for many nights to come. 

Know your budget

Knowing what your budget is before you go helps you to narrow down your choices from the get-go. But, don't be afraid to look at one a little higher in price and negotiate it down to the budget that you have. Mattress companies can have their products marked up to twice the amount that they are willing to take for them. Keep in mind that the warranties are usually limited based on the use of a mattress protector so, ask the seller to include one in the purchase of the bed. 

Know what you need

 Go in knowing what you don’t like about your current bed and what position(s) you sleep in the most. In today's market, there are all kinds of options including beds for folks who are multi-sided sleepers (for example, both back and side) and a salesperson that knows the product and directs you to the best options on the showroom floor. 

Don’t be afraid to shop around

Shopping more than one store gives you the ability to know you are making a sound decision. Most stores will not have the same selection—even if they sell the same brand. What you can try will be important. While you are at different stores, you may find out just how much adjustment room there is in the price. And, you are more likely to see the salesperson’s true qualities when you tell them you are looking and not making an immediate purchase. It is good to find someone that you can trust since this can help make the process smoother. If one person can go lower, so can someone else. It is a good idea to find a place that has a “love it” mattress guarantee. There is no sure way to be completely confident that the one you chose in the store will sleep well for hours at a time. A warranty gives you peace of mind. 

Sleep well on your new bed

Whether you find the perfect bed and sales assistant on the first try, or it takes a few tries to locate it, give yourself some time. It will be worth the effort when you are enjoying your bed at home knowing that you made a good choice.

About the Author

Lisa Coflin Heisner

A professional, licensed Realtor with the Coflin Team with RE/MAX All Star, Lisa Coflin Heisner belongs to a family with decades of experience in both the real estate and mortgage industries. Following three generations of Tampa Bay natives before her, Lisa has lived and worked in Pinellas County for 18 years and knows and dearly loves this beautiful region of Florida. With an extensive background in secondary education and knowledge of the real estate business, Lisa provides guidance, information, and assistance to help her clients navigate the complexities of the real estate market. She is passionate about serving others and helping people achieve their home-ownership and real-estate investment goals.